Executive search

Get the best talent

The right talent can transform your business. We go further to help you find, attract and keep the leaders who’ll help you meet your business goals.

Proactive and broad perspective

We take an international and creative approach by looking for talent across all markets and regions and considering diversity at each step.

Standout shortlists

We carry out thorough research and assessments and use data and analysis to identify the highest quality candidates who meet your list of ‘must haves’.

Transparent and hands-on

We’ll give you regular, transparent and insightful progress reports and will iterate our approach as needed.

Talent advisory

Future-proof your talent pool

The competition for top talent is greater than ever. We can help you become an employer of choice by taking a proactive approach to planning your future talent, assessing leadership quality, filling succession gaps and finding leaders who’ll stick with your business.

Talent mapping and pipelining

We can help you grow your talent pool by assessing your current and future leaders across different functions and levels, identifying flight risks and considering diversity objectives.

Market insights

We take a proactive approach to understanding your business, the market and the ‘movers and shakers’ you need to attract to help your business grow and thrive.

Succession strategies

We’ll work with you to understand your future leadership needs, identify succession gaps, assess potential talent and create strategies and action plans for hiring them.

Diversity, equity & inclusion

Inspire excellence through difference

From working with individual teams, to redesigning organisational systems, we can help you spark brilliance through leading with difference.

Assessment and strategy

Creating diverse leadership teams is a strategic investment. We can assess your business to understand where you are on your DE&I journey – and where you need to be. We’ll then create strategies for making sustainable change, together with measurable action plans for putting them in place.

Data-driven DE&I assessments

We’ve evaluated over 20 different competencies and use these as the framework for our assessments to give you both qualitative and quantitative data. You can use the data we gather to show employees, stakeholders and customers your current DE&I status, your goals for the future and your determination to deliver on your commitments.

Action planning

We’ll help you articulate your DE&I goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them. Through our action planning, we will break down each goal and create a step-by-step guide to help you achieve each objective.

Project design, tools and metrics for measuring success

We’ll help you ideate goals and key deliverables, determine the outcomes and constraints, and create a visual roadmap to track timeframes and milestones. We’ll design a framework that enables you to track and measure the success of your initiatives, as well as the return on investment.


Our workshops are designed to help you recognise and value difference, enable people to be their most authentic selves, ignite innovation, and encourage collaboration. We can customise our training to support your specific needs and different audiences, including top leadership teams, people managers and employees. We always include live plenary sessions (either face to face or video), breakout discussions and guided discovery.

Talent acquisition

We can help you plan your hiring needs by assessing candidates from diverse backgrounds and introducing them to your business – so you start building a relationship long before you hire them.

Recruit diverse talent now

We’ve embedded DE&I best practices and principles into our existing search methodology. This enables us to reach our goal of ensuring 50% of all shortlisted candidates come from historically underrepresented groups whenever you have a need to hire.

Future-proof diverse teams through relationship recruiting

Unlike traditional search, which is conducted at the point of need, relationship recruiting anticipates your future business needs. We can help you create a talent pipeline to give you consistent access to diverse candidates.

Chief Diversity Officer support

Need more bespoke or hands-on support with your DE&I strategy or initiatives? We offer Chief Diversity Officer advisory support.